Maximise Your Female Client's Results With These 20 Key Questions

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Learn the 20 key questions you can implement today to instantly skyrocket client results👌🏽.

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How The Training Women Checklist Will Help You

Going above and beyond with each client will give you the competitive edge that sets you apart from other trainers, which means better client results, more referrals, repeat clients and more money in your pocket.

In this checklist kit, you will find:

  • Over 20 different checkpoints or considerations to add to your screening and pre-training process, which will save you time and 'guesswork' figuring out where to start your program design
  • Checkpoints are organised into different phases of your business, e.g. pre-screening, movement screen and weekly check-in so that you can improve your business systems and client information collection process
  • A simple 'at a glance' list for you to take into your sessions so you feel confident asking the right questions.

  • BONUS: To help you understand each question and checkpoint, and why you need to be asking it, I have included a bonus 30 min mini-workshop

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