For The First 13 Years Of My PT Career I Unwittingly Made Critical Mistakes With My Female Clients ...  

Of course these mistakes weren't intentional, I just had NO idea that I was making them. Hell, I wasn't even aware that I didn't know what I didn't know! Most of my PT business has been built upon training women - they do, afterall, make up 80% of most PT's client base. So I did what most trainers would do, and trained my women clients the best way I knew how - like men. And that was my fundamental error.

But over the years I learnt how to pay specific attention to a females body, what signs her body was telling me and how to best manipulate my exercise prescription to suit her lifestyle. And now, I am recognised as a leading expert in how to teach PTs to train women.

This course has been asked about for ages and I am finally happy to bring it to fruition

Announcing the FREE 3-Part Female Fitness 2.0 Training: Teaching PTs The New Approaches To Training Female Clients. 

Required Training for all Professionals

(Starts Weds 14th June)

NEWSFLASH: Women Are NOT Small Versions Of Men With Breasts

Although people often think that.

One look at a females anatomy and you will see that there IS a difference between a male and a female body. Unsuprisingly this difference in anatomy DOES effect the way a female body operates and functions.

Yet, despite these differences us Professionals have been taught to train women in the same manner that we train men. The only exception to that rule is when a woman is pregnant or in the post-pregancy phase of her life.

We make considerations for her during those important life events but very rarely do we make considerations for her differences throughout life!


Women need to train like women. Not like men. Period. (Pun intended)

There, I said it.

But before you punch me through the screen and tell me that I am putting women's empowerment back 10 years let me add a caveat:

Training women differently is NOT about capability. It is about understanding the difference in hormonal profiles and maximising her potential.

In other words learning how to WORK WITH A FEMALE body to get the results you want for her is more effective than guess work or trying to beat it into submission.

Want To Know How To Train Your Female Clients Effectively? (And Avoid My Mistakes?)

I am super embarrased to admit that for the majority of my career I disregarded how a female body functions.

  • It took me until I was 33 years of age to fully understand my menstural cycle and the role that it played in my health. If I didn't understand mine then I can assure you I had NO idea how it affected my female clients (or their results!)

  • I had clients tell me that they had lost their cycles due to their exercise demands and low calorie intake and I used to high five them for it! (We both thought that was good).

  •  If a client complained but PMS I would tell her that 'a good hard session' would fix it.

  • When my female clients were experiencing extreme levels of stress in their life, and they were exhausted, I would help them 'get more energy' but hammering them in a workout.

  • I wanted to accelerate a clients' results by prescribing hard, heavy and intense programs without taking into consideration her lifestyle.

Hindsight (and experience) is a beautiful thing. It was only after I discovered how to train the female body in a more effective way did I realise how damaging I was being.  

That's why I want to share with you what I know ...


FREE 3 Week Online Course For Fitness Professionals Who Want To Train Their Female Clients To Get Results, Stay Healthy And Become Raving Fans For Life.

Hey I'm Nardia,

Creator of The Female Health and Performance Specialist (FHPS) course, Australian Personal Trainer of the year 2014 and international presenter.

Since 2013 I have been specifically coaching and educating thousands of Fitness Professionals globally how to work with their female clients more effectively.  

In this free training I am going to share with you my foundation strategies and blueprints for working with the female client, regardless of what phase of life she is in.

If you are serious about women's health and performance, your business AND you want to do best by your female clients then I will show you how.

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What others have said ...

"Great presenter and great content, very interesting research and examples of what works for the female client. Easy to apply examples"

"It gave me a greater understanding in training my female clients. Also understand the variety of challenges outside the gym with a typical mother with children trying to lose weight"

"Nardia is an excellent presenter and she provided information and knowledge that I can implement with my female clients immediately"

"I've been going to Filex and Network Conferences for over twenty years and this was one of the best sessions I've ever attended. I wish we had been given such comprehensive information regarding women and resistance training a long time ago"

"New take for me on women's fitness. Very interesting."

"Loved Nardia's presentation, she epitomises what it means to be a strong female and she is a leader in our industry"

"Wasn't sure if this was going to be some generic seminar for females... I was wrong! Nardia was an awesome presenter, really engaged the room and the information was excellent... thoroughly enjoyed it!"

"Surprising different then what I expected, quiet an eye opener. Great session!"

"Nardia really knows her stuff ended up buying her book."

The course is delivered via 3 live trainings ====>




  • Over 3 weeks of live trainings (webinar) I will take you through the exact steps that I use to assess a female clients readiness for exercise (using my Traffic Light system), how to use her menstrual cycle to her advantage, how to identify 'risky' clients and how to maximise your time with her.

  • If you cannot make the live training you WILL have access to the recordings

  • Each week you will receive additional email education and challenges. This will help you apply the information I teach you in REAL time.

  • I will be sharing in-depth education and current research that will help you up your A-Game with female clients.

  • We will have a private FB page where you can ask questions, share stories and get additional help with clients. Here you will see how I problem solve and approach individual clients.

  • I will share with you specific examples of mistakes that I made with female clients, what I did to correct them and what I learned from them (so you can avoid doing the same).

  • Female Fitness 2.0 is going to be rammed with highly valuable information that WILL change the way you approach your female clients leading to healthier, happier clients and improved client retention.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me at: