Wake up each day to a strong, thriving Fitness Business. One that gives you the income, flexibility and impact you've always dreamed of. 

Make It Happen Today 

Hey friend, let me ask you a simple question:

Are you happy with your Fitness Business?

And by this I mean, are you happy with the way your business is running? Are you bringing in the income you want, do you have the freedom or flexibility that you thought you would have before you became a trainer? Are you achieving your business goals?

 If your answers aren't a resounding "hells yes" then it's a "no" - but don't worry I've got you.

That's why you are here right?

I'm willing to bet that you are an awesome PT. You're full of passion & knowledge ... 

Clients love you and you go out of your way to get them results but there's some underlying worries that keep you up at night or questioning whether this whole Personal Training gig is worth it. Many trainers worry about their business (most just avoid talking about them). So you wouldn't be alone if the following thoughts or challenges occupied your brain space:

* Experiencing feelings of stress over the inconsistent cash flow each week

* Figuring out how to afford to go on holiday

* Feeling undervalued or resentful because you KNOW you are undercharging

* Being busier than ever but it not reflecting in your income and profit

* Clients controling your schedule

*Drowning in programming and admin

* Unsure how to lift your business to the next level

These challenges may leave you ...

* Feeling full of doubt about your skills as a PT

* Stuck and treading water

* Stressed and exhausted

* Unsure as to what steps to take next

* Wondering if you should look for a second job

* Looking for sources of 'passive income'

*Even busier than before because you think more sessions are the answer ....

Sound Familiar? You are NOT alone

As I mentioned these challenges are all too common. I talk to Personal Trainers every day who are experiencing any or ALL of these feelings.

It is emotionally draining and frustrating.

And it is definately NOT a reflection on your skills or ability as a Personal Trainer.

Here's the TRUTH: 


You take on multiple roles; PT, friend, counsellor, motivator, nutritionist and fitness expert. 

BUT did you know you are ALSO; a Leader, Entrepreneuer, Marketer, Sales Person, Copy Writer and so much more?

No? Well the Professional Personal Trainer of today needs to have a basic understanding of these areas.

You weren't taught that at PT school, so asking you to be an expert on these area's is UNREALISTIC and UNFAIR.

This is why 90% of PT's are struggling to survive

Most trainers leave the industry after 18 months - most often because they haven't figured out the business side of things. 

Those who hang on longer are doing are great job, but not necessarily THRIVING in their business. They may have a full book of steady clients but it comes at the expense of personal time and energy. Once their books are full there's no room to scale. 

Too much time, money and effort is spent on increasing technical skills and not enough on BUSINESS & MINDSET skills.


Hey, I'm Nardia

Creator of The Female Health and Performance Coach (FHPC) course, Australian Personal Trainer of the year 2014, International presenter and named an Australian Institute of Fitness legend.

For 20 years I have been personal training and educating thosands of Fitness Professionals globally. I am here to help your business get stronger so you can THRIVE and do what you love.




The TRIBE Business Amplifier program will make your business stronger.

It is a life changing business and personal development coaching program exclusively for female Fitness Professionals.  

Helping you progress from where you are now to a Professional PT who has a streamlined, fulfilling business.

This is not an ordinary coaching program, TRIBE Business Amplifier is an experience.  

You are in charge of your own journey but I am with you every step of the way; guiding you, offering different perspectives and giving you clear strategies.  

You are Princess Leia and I am Yoda

(I love movies so get ready for a ton of movie references!)  

One of my super powers is seeing potential in other people (especially when they can’t), drawing it out and helping them take purposeful ACTION.  

I have your back and I use my unique coaching methods and 20 years of in-depth industry experience to help you to make big shifts in your thinking and business FAST.  

One of the biggest point of differences between TRIBE and other programs is the high level of real time contact you get with me.

We talk every single week. Sometimes more depending on your needs.

The other MAJOR point of difference? I combine two programs into one. 

We work on your Mindset/Mental skills AT THE SAME TIME as working on your business strategy.  


Why mindset work? Because without a positive, resilient and determined mindset action can't be taken.

Business sucess is 80% MINDSET work and 20% STRATEGY. 

Get your mind right and the strategy is easier to implement. 


Give me 12 months and I’ll show you how to ATTRACT, CONVERT & TRANSFORM valuable clients, so you can strengthen, streamline and soar your business.


  •  Increase your prices, revenue and profit
  •  Leverage your time more effectively
  •  Have a greater impact on a larger number of people
  •  Create multiple revenue streams (online and offline products)
  •  Become the 'Go-To' expert in your space (step into your Leadership role)
  •  Increase your business confidence to ‘Queen’ level (badass)

So that you can have more money, flexibility and impact. 

Over the course of 12 months we work through a comprehensive curriculum covering each piece of the ATTRACT, CONVERT and TRANSFORM framework. These are just some of the topics we cover:


* Change your current 1:1 PT Model in 4 steps  

* Introduce Membership levels  

* Sell with ease, confidence and authenticity

* Increase your income and revenue generation

* Stop being so 'busy'

* Create and introduce new products and services


* Create your stand out Personal Brand (using Brand Archetypes)  

* Identify your business Vision  

* Clarify your Brand Message  

* Learn how to stand out from every one else  

* Position yourself as the AUTHORITY and 'Go-To' expert  

* Clearly identify and define your Avatar and Niche Market


* How to build an effective and revenue generating email list  

* Nuture your prospects into paying clients  

* Create a waitlist of customers who can't wait to work with you  

* Be in DEMAND for something you love doing

* Learn how to only work with YOUR perfect client


* Create the ENGINE of your business with automation (ie no more manual labour!) 

* Learn all the behind the scenes 'techie' stuff -even if 'tech' scares the bejessus out of you

* Become a pro at all the marketing lingo eg CRMS, email sequences, trip wires, tagging etc


* Learn how to develop and create converting Lead Magnets  

* Design and develop your own Landing Pages  

* Design and develop your own FB, Instagram and SM graphics  

* Create beautiful looking worksheets, handouts and material  

* Give your website a Makeover using the most up date information on what's working now


* Learn how to create compelling content (blogs, posts, video's)  

* Understand the architecture of writing and content creation so it gets read, seen and shared

* How to find ideas and get your message across consistently  

* Learn how to hone your copywriting skills  

* Learn the art of writing engaging emails for different occasions

* Make friends with the different social media platforms


* Learn how to deliver and present content through webinars and workshops  

* Understand how to put together ENGAGING slide decks (that don't bore your people to sleep)  

* Learn how to 'teach and leave a gap' so you don't over deliver in your workshops  

* How to PITCH yourself and business simply


* Identify the limiting beliefs and stories that keep holding you back

* Uncover your strengths and how to play to them

* Learning how to ask for what you want in a clear and concise way

* Elevate your time and energy management skills (no more BS yourself!)


You will also be joining a TRIBE of amazing like minded women who are there to support, motivate and be your cheering squad.

You will NOT be alone.

Take a sneek peek inside your learning hub

Apply for Tribe Here

When you join you get:


We take each of these pillars seriously to ensure that you get the most out of the program and achieve your business goals. When you join you will be given access to the following:

BUSINESS AUDIT We start with a comprehensve bsiness Audit to identify the holes in your business. This helps me to formulate a customised action plan which we then execute

(Value = $500)

12 x GP COACHING CALLS Each month I teach on a specific topic and then do specific group activites that enhance your learning

(Value = $6,800)

3 x WEEKEND IMMERSIONS* We have 3 x full weekend in house experiences. This is THE most valuable aspect of TRIBE. 2 full days of education, connection to others, real time immersion in youself in your business 

(Value = $15,000)

12 X 1:1 COACHING CALLS* One on one in depth coaching with Nardia. These calls are priceless. I will be giving you tailored home assignments that are unique to you and your business.

(Value = $3,000)

12 X EXPERT INTERVIEWS Get exclusive access to top experts in their field who will share their biggest insights and advice with the group.  

(Value = $6,800)

REAL TIME FEEDBACK* I give you SPECIFIC feedback on anything you ask - whether that's a blog post, FB Ad, website or client emails. This is rarely offered in any coaching programs! This feedback saves you time and money!(Value - $PRICELESS!!!!)

 LEARN ANYWHERE You have your own private log in details into the learning platform. Watch the content on desktop or mobile and pick up where you left off.

(Value = $priceless)

PRIVATE FB GROUP One of the most valuable aspect of the program. This is your daily, private, communication hub with others in the group. I will be in there daily answering questions and helping out in real time. (Value = $21,000).

DOWNLOADABLE MATERIAL Each topic comes with workbooks, cheetsheets and templates. I've removed the guesswork so you can focus on taking ACTION

(Value = $1,200)

ACCESS TO MY BRAIN With hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in education and coaching, you don't have to. I will accelerate your results.

(Value = $priceless!!)

* Available for Platinum level only

What You Will Experience:

What you get out of the program is directly related to how much you are willing to put into the program. Seriously, this is not one of those programs where you sit on your ass and be handed results.  

YOU have to work the program (which is why it isn't for everyone).  

However if you are committed to your process then here is what you can expect to experience:

  • More flexibility and profit
  • How to confidently raise your prices and charge what you are worth
  • A clear direction and Vision for your business
  • A much deeper understanding of yourself, your stories, limiting beliefs and where you are holding yourself back in your business
  • Clarity on what your brand is, what you stand for and your core key message 
  • Business confidence and enhanced business practices
  • The ability to create healthy boundaries with clients
  • The confidence to be seen and heard (on the webs and in real life!)
  • More clients who are aligned with you and your message (your perfect tribe of clients)
  • The Launching of new idea's and products
  • New friends, connections and sisterhood

Is the TRIBE Mentorship a good fit for you?:

A day can go from good to bad when wearing an ill-fitting pair of jeans or shoes right? When shoes rub on the back of the heels or fit weirdly it can be one of the most frustrating things in the entire world.  

That’s why we ALL know the importance of getting the right fit.  

When something fits, it’s magic.  

The same goes for this program.  

Which is why I am only looking for women who are the right fit. 


  •  Is open to possibilities and coachable
  •  Has basic technical skills (eg can create a PDF, send an email)
  •  Can commit time and energy into themselves and this program
  •  Is prepared to take full responsibility for herself and actions
  •  Is ready to challenge herself 
  • Wants to be a positive role model and leader
  • Wants to collaborate with other female fitness professionals and build a network
  • Wants to run a profitable and impactful fitness business
  • Wants to combine offline and online training (become a HYBRID PT)
  • Has been a PT for at least 12 months


  •  Are not prepared to take massive action
  •  Think they ‘know it all’ already
  •  Are not open to feedback or suggestions
  •  Are not willing to get uncomfortable
  •  Are not ready to commit fully to the process. You must be willling to invest the time, finances, energy and effort to get the most out of this program. 
  •  Is worried about 'competition' or not sharing ideas/thoughts
  •  Isn't ready to do the mindset work
  •  Are 'sitting on the fence' about this program. This has to be a 'hell-yes' for you otherwise I suggest you wait (of course being nervous about doing something so big is understandable but the fear needs to excite you)

Some Love From TRIBE Peeps

Your Investment:

  •  How much is confusion and hesitance costing you? 
  •  How much income are you losing because you can't charge what you are worth, increase your hourly rate or change your client schedule? 
  •  How many potential clients don't know about you because you don't stand out from the rest? 
  •  How many clients are passing on you becase they aren't sure what you offer? 


A lack of knowledge and action could already be costing you a great deal; emotionally, physically and financially.

Here's how to turn that around:

Recap On What's Included:


  • 12 x Private One on One Coaching calls
  • 3 x 2 Full Day Immersion Wokshop Weekends (COMPLIMENTARY)
  • UNLIMITED text, Whatsapp or email access to me
  • Personalised feedback on website, blogs, content creation, launch plans: anything and everything!



  • Is ready to go ALL IN on her business and development
  • Is ready to take FAST action
  • Wants and needs personalised attention and support on a regular basis
  • Wants full access to Nardia and personalised coaching and mentoring
  • Is willing to create the time on her schedule to dedicate to the curriculum  
There is a financial investment to participate in this program.  
More details can be found on the application form.

Ready To Take Amplify Your Results?


If you agree with all of the above then I invite you to apply.

Click the link below to fill in application form. I will then reach out to you.


Next Steps

Once you complete the application form I will review the information to see if basic requirements have been met. 

Remember I am looking for highly motivated and driven trainers to participate in the program. Those who are committed to growing their business and brand. 

You must be ready to invest emotionally, mentally and financially in the process and understand the value of being part of a mentorship program. 

As mentioned above it is normal to feel nervous or scared when embarking on something big and new, so if you are ready to lean into the uncomfortableness then please apply  


Once this part is complete I will then reach out to you to book in a discovery call and then we will take it from there. 

"I needed some more knowledge and guidance to help me take my business to the next level. Nardia has shown me more structure & organisation from which to build & grow. And along the way, so much more knowledge and insight! We worked through a process which can be revisited whenever it is needed, each time picking up something new.  

Nardia has a way of not telling you what to do .. but asking questions that when you realise what she is doing you almost get scared because you know it means you will have to really dig a bit deeper! Not just on a business level but on a personal, self development level working parallel to the practical business side."

Vicki Black  

TRIBE comes with a rock solid 30 Day money back gurantee. 

The amount of education, support, advice and help you'll get in TRIBE is beyond most other programs. If you feel like you don't get 10 X the value from the training material (and YOU DID THE WORK) then email support and we will fully refund you.

The investment in TRIBE is small compared to how quickly you will recoup it by applying our business strategies.

Here's the best part: if you *think* there is a chance that TRIBE is for you then apply today. Because you can try, give it a go and review the materials yourself. 


Q. If I am selected into the program how are the payments made?  

A. There is a financial investment to participate in this program. Payments will be taken via credit card or Paypal and payment plans are available.  

Q. Do I get a refund if I decide to pull out of the program.  

A. Sure do, provided it is within the 30 days. Check out my 'money back guarantee' above.

Q. How much time will this require of me each week?  

A. To get through the material and webinars I would suggest you set aside 3 hours, however there will also be self care practices and assignments that will need to be applied. The more time you invest in YOU the more you will get out of this program.  

Q. Do I have to live in Australia to do the program?  

A. Nope! Thanks to modern technology and the interwebz you can be anywere in the world and particpate. I will try to accomodate the groups coaching calls to everyone and their time zones. The Immersion Weekends will be held in Australia so if you fancy a trip across that would be awesome!  

Q. I'm not 'techie' and I don't have a website - can I still join?

A. 100% yes! I have a whole section dedicate to the 'tech' stuff and I can help you out. A website may or may not be necessary for you depending on what your goal is. We can by-pass a website if needed. As long as know how to make a PDF you are sweet.

Q. Are the Immersion Weekends really that important?

A. Yes. We cover so much content that it is invaluable. Envrionmental exposure to high level thinking and participation is priceless. We combine learning, group think tanks, wine and laughter. 

Q. What if I can't make it to the Immersion Weekends?  

No problem. I will try to stream/record the most important parts so that you don't miss out on a thing! (depend on my wifi)

Q. What if I can't make the scheduled calls?

A. Each month I rotate the days and time to cater for everybody's schedule. If you cannot make it, I record them and they are made available within 48 hours.

Q. I feel like I am ready to do this program but I want to ask a few more questions - can I contact you?  

Yep, sure can. Email me at info@nardianorman.com subject line TRIBE Question and I will get back to you ASAP.  

Q. I'm super keen to join and I have filled out the application form, what comes next?  

A. I will look over the application form and be in contact to book in a phone call with you. The phone call is still part of the application process.

Q. Why is there a 2 step application process?  

This is to ensure the quality of the participants in the program and to maintain the integrity of the program. Since there is a LOT of group interaction and we spent alot of time together it is important to make sure I have the correct team of women. Collaboration, trust and respect are paramount. I will fiercely protect the standard and experience of this program.