Stop sending boring emails that no one reads; instead


And write emails that everyone adores and gets you paid.


Do you struggle to write emails? Let alone ones that don't feel sucky?

If so, you're not alone ..

Email marketing is a highly effective tool, but it can be difficult to nail. Thoughts like 'I've got nothing exciting to say", "what am I supposed to put in emails?", or "I don't want to bother my list" are blocking you from experiencing the power of email marketing. But no more. It's time to unlock email marketing prowess and take your business to the next level.

In this exclusive masterclass "Unlock the Power of Email Marketing (+ Become An Email Ninja)" I'll teach you the strategies and tactics you need to create compelling email campaigns that attract, engage, and convert your audience into soul-aligned customers.

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In this Masterclass you'll learn:

  • How to create a whole vibe around your email group (ie stop telling people to 'join your email list' 🥱)
  • How to write compelling emails in less than 2 hours/week (using my Storybook method)
  • The 4 different types of emails you need to write (+ why)
  • All about automated email sequences (what they are + why you need them)
  • All the email lingo and tech requirements eg tagging, segmenting, workflows
  • How to master your content cadence
  • How to create a list that is engaged and responsive
  • Subject line secrets that get your email opened
  • What Call To Action statements work best and when
  • To design your super signature

Fact: Email is nearly 40 times more effective in obtaining new customers than social media*

I'm not saying that building a social media presence isn't important (it is). But only focusing on that without an email plan is like meeting someone really cool at a party, saying 'hi' but never becoming friends.

You're missing out on an opportunity to build a relationship and go to the next level with them.

And that's the beauty of email messaging, not only is it an easy way to connect, but your people prefer it!

Not only do they prefer reading an email, but 99% of us also open it daily!

So yeah, email marketing is a clear winner.

* Source: Neal Shaffer

I Want To Be An Email Ninja!




Hey, I'm Nardia 👋🏽

A bonafide email lover who loves writing emails 2-3 times per week! This wasn't always the case, in fact, when I was doing personal training I didn't even have a list and I used a Gmail email address 🤦🏽‍♀️.

Fast forward to today and my email The Raise The Bar Bulletin is my most effective way of building a relationship with my community, providing quick edu-taining content and making sales.

If you don't have an email plan you are definitely leaving money and opportunity on the table!

So, join me in this upcoming workshop where I'm going to teach you how to become an email power player.


The Important Deets

The Masterclass you are purchasing is a recording of a live Masterclass


👉🏽 $55 aus

✅ I'm Ready To Learn

Got Q's?

What if I can't make that time?

No dramas, you will have lifetime access to the workshop

I don't have an email list should I still come?

Hell yes because you'll be armed with everything you need to know for the backend of your email system. Once you start building your list you'll be able to add value immediately, build a relationship and make money.

Will you give me personal feedback on my emails?

As much as I'd love to, this Masterclass isn't the right container. If you want personal feedback on anything, including copywriting, email automation, lead pages and so on, do so here

Is there a refund option?

No, this is a digital product, and refunds (full or partial) will not be given.